Pictures & Graphics

graphic designsUse images to enhance communication.

Getting Pictures for your Site.

The human brain has evolved for millions of years to become the top predator in the food chain. We might no longer need to be hunting for our food, but we still use our instincts when searching/hunting on the internet.

Most people don't like to read, thus it is important to have proper graphics to allow them to navigate your site without un-natural effort! Furthermore, for marketing, site appeal, and clarity, graphics illustration are crucial to convey information and promote a feeling of comfort & familiarity.

Using pictures to guide your website visitors.graphic design for websites

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Graphics at strategic locations on your site, will add colors and make your visitors feel at ease, thus promoting your site. Allow them to and funnel toward a sale.

  • Use animations when you absolutely need to make sure a message is communicated. Avoid more than one animation visible at a time, and avoid "aggressive animations" that will annoy the visitor. Always consider file size and CPU load, in order to provide a quality experience to all your visitors.
  • Use images for your secondary messages and also to create the "feel" of your site. Images can be soothing, intriguing, colorful, bright,... Elicit emotions and feelings in a subtle manner by having a common feeling associated with all the images used.

Furthermore, one of the most important use for graphics & animations is to convey vital information to your visitors, and direct them where you need them to go.

We will provide you with all the pictures and animations necessary and custumized to your website's look