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Domain name Registration.

domain name registration

Business name registration is one of the first steps that you should consider when you have decided to get a website. The reason being that internet registries do not allow duplicate domain names (url), so it might be available when you start building your website, but by the time your site is done, someone else may have taken that name.

Depending on your needs, we will search CIRA for dot .ca names (Canadian Internet Registry Authority) or ICANN for dot .com names (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to find out if your business name is available. In case that it is not available, we will give you some alternatives. The registration is usually for a 1 year period and will need to be renewed on an annual basis (about 12$ / year).

Hosting solutions

All hosting companies are not equal! Some are more secured than others, some offer faster downloads, other offer higher storage space, others offer more versatility, more tools...

Hosting is not a big investment money wise as it will cost you much less than 1$ a day to be hosted on any host out there. But it is a great investment business-wise as you will loose customers and search engine ranking if you get hosted on an unreliable host, or even worse if the host is not secured professionally.

hosting your website

Ideally, you need a host with a large bandwidth, large storage capacity, fast processors, security enabled networking, Linux and Windows server...

Location is also important, as the ranking in Search Engines will be higher, the closer you are to your targeted audience. For example you will rank higher in searches done in Canada if you are hosted in Canada.

We will provide you with the best solution with a reasonable cost for your venture.