Logos & Corporate Identities

Logo design & Corporate Identities

Getting a corporate identity for your Site.

Use Eye-catching graphics & animations for Branding and promotion of your business. Remain consistant in the use of colors, fonts and layouts as you move from your website to your letterheads, invoice templates and business cards.

company logoOverall your logo should remain simple, have some subliminal symbolism and convey your company's values. A logo must look nice both on a business card and on your office building. Avoid little details that will not come out on small and low resolution prints, and also make sure your logo looks great in black & white or only 2 or 3 colors. This will save you a lot of time money and frustration down the road as you start getting your logo on different media such as employee uniform, company vehicles, plastic bags or boxes, building wall, newspaper, etc...

Having a logo conveys the image of a large, stable company, it empowers your brand recognition and allow you to stand out from others. A well designed logo will tell your customers that they receive quality services or products and that you are a trusted source.