Text Content.

Standard Copywriting

We'll create the content for you!

A website is usually composed of several pages like Home, Product / Service, Terms and Conditions, About Us and Contact. Leave us all the work of writing the text for your website. Our web designers have reviewed and built thousands of websites. They know the basic type of text necessary to describe your products or services. The way we do it is to ask you verbally 5 or 6 questions about your business and based on your answers we will create the content of your website. Depending on your business and the information that you have provided we will write about 100 to 200 words (10 to 20 lines) for your Home page and Service/Product page. Your contact page will include your phone number, fax, address, email... Your website text will be original and you will get the copyright along with your website. These texts will be provided "AS IS", but you may make any adjustments that you like.


Advanced copywriting with Search Engine Optimization.

Get your website to where the traffic is!

This type of copywriting is possible only when associated to Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing services. Based on those results the text that we will create will take into account all those results found. Obviously this exercise is much more time consuming and the rates will be negotiated based on the project scope.

Our advanced copywriting services may include some of the following steps for maximum effectiveness for your content:

  • Gather information about your products
  • Research competitors
  • Target audience
  • Keyword analysis
  • Determine website marketing strategy

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